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Ready to outfit your team with uniforms that build team spirit?
Uniform Store gets everything you need to design your team’s custom workwear.

Product Uniform Store
Skills Custom Team Uniforms / Web App
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Marking your unique identity is a must in this noisy world. We brought you advanced software to create custom-made uniforms to bolster your imagination. We build high-quality uniforms to illustrate your brand value in a visually appealing form. It helps to represent the unity of the team and represents your team members in high spirits. Our software provides you multiple options to design it according to your requirements, and we have built the feature to display your logo to showcase your unique identity. You can customize anything starting from jerseys, t-shirts, work shirts, and much more.

Process of creating your unique design:

What do we provide?:

  1. Basketball Uniforms:- Shoot the basketball in the hoop while wearing comfortable basketball gear on the court. Our custom-designed uniforms will charge you up for the big game and push you to score high. You can design the entire uniform, jerseys, or just the bottoms and view your uniform from all sides, left, right, front, and back.
  2. Baseball Uniforms:- Create a stylish jersey for your team and score high runs on the field. We offer various choices for custom-tailored jerseys for your high-school, youth, recreational, and collegiate baseball teams. Look the way you want and beat your competitors in the game.
  3. Softball Uniforms:- Outline your team uniform and get on the field like a ruling champion. There are several alternatives available in the uniform store to choose the right jersey for your players. Touch all the bases quickly in comfortable pants and procure plaques in your name.
  4. Football Uniforms:- Make the football game festive for your team by playing in an outfit that symbolizes your team unity. We offer the best quality uniform for your big football game.

How can you customize your outfit?

Uniform Store Modules:

  1. Dashboard:- It will show an overview of your designs, and you can view each detail related to your custom wear. There are four components titled total customers, total designs, orders, and products.
  2. Customers:- Under this tab, you can get access to the information about your customers, such as name, contact number, email address, and the status of their purchase.
  3. Categories:- Categories will show you the choices of your customers and descriptions of their products. There is an entry of featured images that you can view to get an outlook of their preferences.
  4. Products:- Product is the list of entries that displays information about the product like price, type, name, status, and image. You can edit, customize, delete, or view your selected product in maximum size by zooming in.
  5. Orders:- This component will show you the crucial details of all your delivery orders like the order number, customer name, design number, mode of payment, transaction id, the total amount paid, and time of placing the order. You can view the design and get a printed invoice.
  6. Designs:- Design will give you a sight of relevant details about your customized uniform like product name, design number, size, and time. You can delete your custom design if you don’t want it due to any reason or customize it again.
  7. Size:- It shows you the name, code of the measurements and allows you to change the size of your uniform at any time you want.
  8. Leads:- Leads will help you keep track of your customers by displaying names, email id, phone numbers, and product names.

You can design each layer of your sportswear with our Uniform Store and personalize it according to your perspective and choices. Our software is highly responsive that lets you sketch your outfit effortlessly. You can go as creative as you want with our numeral options of fonts, color palette, designs, and much more to look the best on your momentous day.