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Reliable & Relational Database
Seamless data handling process
with robust, open-source database software!

PostgreSQL is a reliable and relational database system that runs on multiple operating platforms to store, maintain, and secure data. The process of data handling becomes seamless with this robust, open-source database software. We ensure that your large chunk of data will be safe as our developers rely on PostgreSQL while building a responsive digital application for your company.

It utilizes and extends the Structured Query Language(SQL) to access the tables of the database. The recovery of data becomes seamless due to less human efforts and at low maintenance cost. It allows our developers to handle a broad range of data workloads from single machines to data warehouses with simultaneous users.

Object-Relational Database
History of PostgreSQL

Roots of PostgreSQL dates back to 1986 at the University of California at Berkeley, where Professor Michael Stonebraker began the POSTGRES project as a follow-up of the Ingres Project that he led in the same university in 1982. He aimed to address the issues people were facing with the earlier database system and offer them an object-relational database system that entirely supports data types. Stonebraker and his team built up the Postgres project from 1986 to 1994 under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF), DARPA, ARO, and some other prominent corporations.

Several universities used POSTGRES as an educational apparatus for fulfilling the academic purpose. Several production and research applications that include financial data, medical information, geological details, and much more utilized POSTGRES for the management of data. In the year 1992, the Sequoia 2000 scientific computing project used POSTGRES as its principal data manager.

Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen were two of the Berkely graduates added SQL language interpreter and released the software under the name Postgres95. In 1995, they imparted the software to the world as an open-source to make it more flexible. The following year, Postgres95 was renamed PostgreSQL to illustrate its SQL support. Since then, this new advancement has pulled in volunteers from different parts of the world and formed The PostgreSQL Global Development Group for continual improvement and maintenance.

Why PostgreSQL
What makes PostgreSQL a robust database software in the digital world?

PostgreSQL is inbuilt with multi-model architecture that is compatible with object-oriented programming. As the companies are moving towards building advanced apps, this database allows manipulating structured and semi-structured data. Our team has been building robust apps that work efficiently by utilizing the advanced features of PostgreSQL that maximizes the performance level. Functions like partition handling, parallel-functionality, indexing speed, and much more enhance the operating speed.


We help in scaling the business by installing extensions that increase the functionality and help in distinguishing your organization from the competition. By installing extensions, we can add new functions, data, and index types that maximize productivity and make the workflow seamless.

Compatible With DevOps

It helps in continuous improvement during the whole app development process. Our developers can consistently configure the infrastructure with the help of several infrastructure automation platforms like Ansible, Puppet, etc. It is highly portable that simplifies the development and testing process.


One of the significant reasons that make this database software popular is the high level of security that it provides to the global companies for securing their data. An enterprise can supervise the flow of data according to its business policies and hence make PostgreSQL a trustworthy choice for your organization.

Why is PostgreSQL one of the most used database technologies?

PostgreSQL has been in use for a very long time and is the most compatible database software with diverse programming languages like Java, C, C++, etc. It allows us to provide customizable solutions for your organization. It is highly functional and offers a wide range of features that makes it the most flexible and user-friendly database. It can support all forms of data like audio, video, graphics, and image.

Our programmers can build applications that provide better data integrity and a secure environment for your end-users. It streamlines the management of data irrespective of the vast amount of information it stores. You can operate it on multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, and other Linux and Unix distributions. It allows our team of experts to develop customized functions, use another programming language without the need for recompilation, and build custom-made data types.

There are top-notch companies and other global tech giants in the world that use PostgreSQL as their database system. Organization worldwide deals with a vast amount of data that needs a secure place for storage, our team builds applications by leveraging the power of this robust database system to streamline the operational activities of a commercial enterprise.

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