Node .js

Build multitasking applications that operate at high-speed displaying valuable results.

Highly Scalable, Open-Source, Cross-Platform
Enhance the viability of robust server-side
applications with highly scalable infrastructure!

Node.js is a JavaScript run-time system that uses the V8 Java search engine. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages today, and Node.js enhance the viability of this language to the next level. Our developers are well-versed with this highly scalable, open-source, cross-platform infrastructure. We have been using it to deliver fast and robust server-side applications. Node.js consists of libraries for various JavaScript modules that ease the process of web application development.

Dynamic Run-Time
History of Node.js

The inception of node.js dates back to 2009 when Ryan Dahl developed a dynamic run-time environment to overcome the limitations of earlier server-side JavaScript environment Apache HTTP Server. One of the most significant issues with HTTP was that it used sequential programming for solving the blocked code issue. It only supported Linux and Mac OS X in the first phase of development but, Dahl further developed, and Joyent sponsored it afterward. On the 8th of November in the same year, Ryan Dahl demonstrated the Node.js project for the first time at the inaugural European JSConf. In the year 2010, npm assisted node.js as the package management system for simplifying the process of installation, configuration, and uninstallation.

Why Node.js
Why should you go with Node.js

Node.js helps to build multitasking applications that operate at high-speed displaying valuable results in a matter of seconds. The ability to handle concurrent requests without obstructing RAM enhances the overall performance of an application. V8 engines increase the functionality level by dividing JavaScript into machine codes that fast-track the process of development.

Your organization can run seamlessly with our node.js built application to sustain your business for several years ahead in the competition. It provides you an ample amount of benefits that can boost your business sales volume.

Easily Scalable

Your organization can achieve business growth by leveraging the viability of node.js. The cluster module manages load balancing by distributing tasks proficiently and delivering desirable results through small-scale modules. Microservices enables you to divide the whole application into components that simplify the process of development and maintenance. You can scale according to your business needs and grow seamlessly.


Node.js is the most economical and profitable solution for businesses today. The dynamic use of JavaScript to build front-end as well as back-end eradicates the need for hiring multiple teams for the development process and saves you a lot of money. You will only get high returns at a low cost by capitalizing on node.js. Our team of experts has built applications based on node.js for budding start-ups and enterprises running on a tight budget.

High-Speed Development

When a lot of noise is out there, node.js reduces your time-to-market and increases your customer base. It accelerates the development process due to its light-weight attribute. It saves time on coding and makes it hassle-free with the bundle of libraries and ready-to-use codes. It helps you to build a powerful brand for your business in the market without wasting any time on development.


Enterprises need to evolve and improve continually to meet customer requirements and satisfy their needs at the right time. Node.js helps you to handle and retain a large-customer base efficiently. The built-in API uncomplicates the transaction of data between client and web servers. Your company can experiment with new ideas by leveraging node.js for their applications.

Advanced Features of Node.js

Node.js comes with a bundle of features that allows our developers to build a high-performing app in less time. There are many reasons we use Node.js for our clients to help them in expanding their business; some of them are:-


Node.js is a non-blocking and event-loop structure that implies every thread executes a different function. It minimizes the time, enhances productivity, and increases the efficiency of the entire procedure.

Non-Blocking Code Execution

It is one of the most beneficial features that maintain the flow of operation. Non-blocking doesn’t hinder the execution part and streamlines the process. One can deliver satisfactory results to multiple requests with the help of non-blocking I/O operations.


JavaScript is an object-oriented language that is suitable for the web development process. It uses prototyping inheritance and allows the modifications in a prototype. We can reuse the code and build custom objects for your applications.


Node.js is compatible with diverse platforms and enables you to be available and accessible anywhere. It eradicates the need for writing distinguished codes for several desktop versions. You can reach out to the maximum number of people out there by using node.js.

Node.js is Google Chrome’s built JavaScript search engine, and the whole JavaScript program developed using Node.js library runs only on the V8 search engine. It is a light platform for executing code as it uses a non-blocking I/O model that matches up the suitability level for data-intensive applications. Several global blue-chip companies use Node.js as their chosen platform to build business applications.