Control your day, week and month with calendar events and tasks in a single view.
It’s the best way to manage your time and achieve your ambitious goals.

Product Todoish
Skills Smart Platform / Mobile Application

Scheduling your time in this fast running world is a crucial aspect of growth. Todoish apps help in achieving goals on time with maximum productivity. You can work without any stress and meet deadlines by downloading our app. It enables you to prioritize your work according to your goals. Keep up with meetings, events, family functions, outings with friends, and much more by creating different boards and switch on the reminder so that you don’t miss it. Prepare yourself before you go for a meeting by going through your notes at the last minute and execute it. You can coordinate with your team by using Todoish and complete tasks in less time.

Todoish Modules:

Todoish offers a variety of features to manage your time effectively and efficiently. Our team has built an intuitive interface to provide you an impeccable experience on our app. You can invigilate your progress and make necessary efforts to perform better every time.

Dashboard:- Our dashboard will display an overview of your schedule. You can see the number of tasks, boards, notes in a single place. It will show your activity status that will help you to keep track of your tasks. You can meet deadlines with our insightful statistics.

Boards:- You can divide your work into different sections to separate them from each other, and there will be no room for confusion. It helps in systemizing your professional and personal work effectively.

Settings:- You can change your credentials under this tab anytime, and we will save and update it accordingly. It will display details that you entered while creating an account that you can alter if necessary.

Tasks:- You can schedule your tasks and share them with anyone. Jot down all the significant activities you have to execute and prioritize them by tagging with different colors.

Notes:- Never miss out on any essential details by adding notes in our app. You don’t have to memorize anything, as our app will do it for you.

How will it help you?

Todoish offers an ample amount of benefits to maximize productivity and boost growth in the organization.

Our app helps to overcome the time barrier and accomplish every task with grace. Any individual can leverage the advantages of Todoish to move ahead in their journey by doing smart work.