Providing mobility & scalability to simplify
your day-to-day hr and payroll processes with the end-to-end solution is Your SHIFTHRM.

Skills HRM / Web Application

Manage your human resources with our software SHIFT HRM that provides you every piece of information in one place. Employees are the most valuable assets in an organization, and our software eases every single process from attendance to payrolls, timesheets to insightful reports.

We are here to provide you with high performing tools to maximize the level of productivity through an automated system.

Schedule every event, keep an accurate record of every single task, record each detail, and accomplish all goals with this effectively built software that will make your team more efficient and organized. This software will save you time and minimize the expenditure for transforming your company.

what Do We Provide For A Swift Management Process?

Coding Peak provides a wide range of features that will help your organization to manage employees from anywhere in the world. It will help you to streamline your business with innovative HR tools to build an efficient system.

how Can shift Hrm Modules Help You Managing Workforce In The Right Way?

  1. Dashboard:- Our user-friendly dashboard will help you see everything in one place, beginning from payrolls to insightful reports. The dashboard integrates all the activities to analyze the employees’ performance and monitor them to increase their efficiency. The software will make you aware of every detail like different departments, sick leaves, latest notifications, onboarding new employees, and much more on a single screen.
  2. Employees:- Keep insight into your employee’s activities, accomplishments, pending tasks, and repetitive leaves to ascertain the performance rate of your workforce. Our software enables you to take action from the insights put through in a combined manner to make effective decisions.
  3. Departments:- Operational efficiency of any organization depends on the teams and the departments working in the organization. Our software allows you to build, delete, and edit departments to track imprints without any burden.
  4. Pay heads:- Track payments in the easiest way with our software, whether it is a raise, incentive, or a deduction from the salary. This feature makes the process uncomplicated when it comes to keeping an account of the paychecks.
  5. 5. Payrolls:- SHIFT HRM eases the process of payrolls by creating forms for filing wage information by the employees for successfully processing the payroll according to your business policies.
  6. Attendances:- Mark yourself present or absent in the fastest way without any interruption. It also has an option to view your attendance in a calendar view for attendees, and employees can keep count of their leaves. We take care of every minute detail like date, time, and much more.
  7. Timesheet:- Timesheet is a tool to keep track of the tasks and attain maximum target in minimum time, and it is helpful for employers to monitor their employees and for the employee to keep a check on their productivity. We have embedded useful options like adding a new timesheet, deleting one, or editing according to your goals.
  8. Leaves:- SHIFT HRM supervises leaves by embedding various options like marking your leave, giving a proper reason, viewing the total number of leaves, and ultimately the feature is customized according to the business policies whether to approve or refuse the leave.
  9. Assets:- Organizations provide assets to employees for their work, and SHIFT HRM helps you to keep track of every information related to those assets, whether it is the type of that asset, current user, and history related to it, can be viewed in a single frame.
  10. Expenses/Claims:- Manage claims/overheads of your employees easily by using SHIFT HRM for editing, deleting, exporting, approving, or rejecting any claim.
  11. Awards:- Encouraging the employees to work hard and achieve more can be done through recognizing their efforts with the help of awards that can be managed effectively through SHIFT HRM.
  12. Scheduled Tasks:- We provide the option of scheduling tasks by overseeing targets to increase the employees’ productivity. You can see the pending work and mark the complete one.
  13. Reports:- Reports are necessary tools for a business to analyze every activity and make informed decisions based on the same. You can also view these reports in the form of spreadsheets for constructive analysis.
  14. Profile:- It enables you to change or edit your profile information with just a few clicks to update the essential information regarding anything related to employees.
  15. Bank Settings:- We make the process of paying employees without any trouble by just adding information related to bank accounts that can also be updated accordingly.
  16. Master Management:- Update everything at one single place with some keystrokes & mouse movements that enable you to get wholesome information about every single thing.
  17. Setting:- SHIFT HRM helps you to change information according to your business needs. You can update the information related to your company like country, contact number, currency, fax, and much more.
  18. Public Holidays:- It helps you announce & employees of public holidays that allow them to start their vacation planning according to the holiday without interrupting between work.
  19. Notice Board:- It helps to alert the workforce regarding any crucial information related to business for bridging the gap of misinformation.
  20. Office Management:- This allows you to manage the working hours of a company by updating the opening/closing or checking in/out hours.
  21. Activity Logs:- This views all the past activities performed by employees, company administrators, or HR of the organization. It helps to assess the repetitive patterns in the employee’s performance.

SHIFT HRM performs all the mandatory human resource management tasks in a time-effective manner to let you focus on priorities.