Setagendas is all you’ll ever need to
ensure that your customers easily and efficiently complete the booking process.

Product Setagendas
Skills Appointment Platform / Web Application

Setagendas is an online appointment booking software that will help you to keep track of schedules from anywhere. We have built this software to assist businesses in keeping up with this fast-paced world. Our intuitively designed software will never let you lose any potential customers and boost your revenue. We aim to grow your organization by handling monotonous tasks and increasing productivity by 40%. We manage routine tasks of organizing customer appointments and dealing with the frequent changes. Our robust software will take care of the hectic process so you can focus on growth and expansion.

How will Setagendas simplify the booking process for your business?

Setagendas provide you several features to simplify your business activities. We furnish you with attributes that enhance your customer experience and retain them for a long time. Our company eases the process of numerous bookings and makes it effortless for your customers and staff to schedule them according to their requirements and your business policies.

  1. Email Notifications:- You don’t have to worry about the details if any client of yours altered, canceled, or booked a new appointment as we will notify you about their every activity through emails. Your customer will get a customized email notification with a signature on it that creates a positive perception of your brand and elevates your brand value.
  2. Visualize appointments:- You can view all your bookings on your dashboard in one place and filter it the way you want. It will help you to get data according to your need, either staff wise or customer wise. You can filtrate the information yourself and see the monthly, weekly, or daily calendar.
  3. Customer reviews:- Feedback can either make or break your goodwill. A potential customer might form his/her perception from an existing customer’s feedback, and our software allows your customer to post about their experiences directly on the booking page. It will help your business to attract more visitors to your website and retain them to boost your sales.
  4. Social login:- You don’t have to be online on social media all the time to connect with your customers. Setagendas enables you to log in and fill out a form and get access to every detail about your customers. It saves your time of tracking down by storing information in one place.
  5. Comprehensive view:- Our software shows you an overview of your bookings on your dashboard and get a gist of how busy your day, week, or month will be. With the help of our dashboard, you can analyze the booking pattern and target customers effectively. It will help you to ascertain the profitability level of your enterprise. Never miss out on any chance to generate revenue.
  6. Schedule filtering:- Our software streamlines the process and makes it seamless by giving you the option to extract information about any customer or staff member through a few clicks. You can edit your fixed appointments on the activity stream, refund them on the cancelation, or postpone it according to your circumstances. There are many options that you can use to modify it according to your suitability.
  7. Customize calendar:- You can customize the view on the dashboard by selecting a particular date, week, or month and see your schedule for that specific period. Our booking system can show you staff-wise, pending, or any new appointment. It is convenient as a customer can book a schedule for themselves on their own without the need of any middlemen. It eradicates the need to spend your money on hiring staff for taking appointments.
  8. Cross-platform:- We have built highly responsive software so that you can use it from anywhere and at any time. Your customers can access your services on whichever device they want and organize their bookings from any part of the world. Our team inbuilt this feature to help you grow your customer base and lead in the market.
  9. Graphical stats:- This feature will help you to examine information in the form of graphs. You can view the details about your appointment by dates, services, payments, service-wise contribution, income for the selected period, and much more. Data in visual forms provide you statistical information that you can leverage to empower your business growth.
  10. Self-service:- Your customers can book dates according to their preferences. They have to copy the URL of your booking page and browse it from any browser to schedule an appointment. They can avail the information about the opening and closing time of each day and book it accordingly. It is a time-effective software for both parties.
  11. Personalize timezone:- You can run your business from any part of the world and set the timezone according to it. Customers can reschedule themselves, cancel their bookings as per the situation at that time. You can provide your services at any suitable time and multiply your customers by using this feature of our software.
  12. Export data to excel:- It helps to recall all the booked appointments and revenue data and categorizes it under service or staff name. You can see the collective monetary data for a specific date range, and the same goes for all the previous bookings. You will never miss out on any customer appointment details, including the first one, and modify your business policies by exporting the data into excel.
  13. Multiple staff calendars:- Setagendas is a useful tool to encourage employees to take the initiative and book their appointments. They can log in separately and set up their accounts. You have the authority to give access to your staff members, receptionist, and admin. The receptionist can access the login information of staff members, customers, and staff can log in to their profiles, whereas the admin can access the entire calendar.
  14. Insightful reports:- Our software allows you to create reports based on actionable insights. You can use these reports to predict the demand for the next calendar year and change your structure following the previous data. Another attribute of this feature is that it lets you convert the report into CSV format to minimize no-shows.
  15. Add new service/staff/customer:- Every business aspires to expand in the unmarked territories and experiment with different ideas. Our efficient online appointment system will ease the process for you. You can add any service, staff credential, new customers in a matter of seconds and run your business smoothly.
  16. Manage payments:- You can keep track of payment history by creating a timesheet to monitor your earnings. The dashboard will display the customer’s name, his/her booking id, payment type, date, and the total amount. It will also show the details of default or any due amount. You can change the customer account settings at any time you want.

Our team at Coding Peak has built the software Setagendas to maximize the performance of your business. Your organization can take advantage of our highly functional software to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. We aim to back your enterprise by providing a time-effective solution for seamless online booking activity.