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Whether placed in-store or from a mobile device, automatically sync all your orders through Virginpos.

Product Virgin POS
Skills POS / Web Application

Our team at Coding Peak has simplified the payment process for your customers with our software Virgin POS. We help enterprises of different scales from small, mid to large by providing an automated cashier at a low cost. Our retail business software is architectured in a viable structure to match up to your goals. The ease of setting up the system in a few minutes makes it the ideal choice for our clients. This technical framework deals with payrolls, taxes, retail accounting, customers, stock, and much more. Some of the prominent businesses applying our mechanized POS are cafes, restaurants, hotels, food vans, etc.

How to set up your POS account?

POS Modules

Log in as Site & Company owner:

  1. Purchases:- You can comprehend and analyze your entire purchase data received from the purchase order system. It helps to determine cost prices, various tax slabs, and furthermore.
  2. Dashboard reports:- It provides a comprehensive view of all sites to ascertain information quickly and obtain sales counts or average of a specified period.
  3. Summary Sales:- It is a summarized form of your past sales operations in one place and helps to provide a wholesome picture of your sales volume.
  4. Sales feed:- You can filter out data according to your needs in the sales feed. It displays data classified into payments, customers, sites, products, and much more.
  5. Sales by:- You can obtain the average of total purchases, sales based on purchase and sales orders. It helps to determine the profitability level of your business.
  6. Hourly sales:- It breaks the volume of sales on an hourly basis and displays the count of items sold in an hour.
  7. Comparison:- You can understand consumer behavior by comparing the sales of two different timelines. It helps in predicting demand and supply for the next calendar year.
  8. Audit:- Audit decreases the probability of default payments and helps to track refunds, returns, amendments.
  9. Taxes:- It will disintegrate the amount of taxes charged to different sales items.
  1. Add-Ons Inventory:- You can monitor your stock irrespective of the location and create purchase orders, enter suppliers’ names, delivery date, product type, quantity, and the order is ready to be sent to suppliers.
  2. Add-Ons Tables:- With the help of an add-on, you can create a layout and assign orders to a table. You can visualize the table layout as per your business and design tables, floor, walls, chairs, and much more.

Login in POS as Counter :

A counter needs a pin to log in to view all the different orders and go through the sales history. You can identify orders by assigning a note and a link to a customer.

  1. Add new orders:- It allows you to add as many orders as you want and manages them with a few clicks. You can link any customer to a note and pay later.
  2. Add a new customer:- You can handle growing traffic by adding new customers effortlessly and extract information about your existing customers.
  3. Add notes:- Note is a description of an order that acts like a unique id written to identify a customer.
  4. Make payment for an order/sale:- You can see all the items, delete or add a new one, decrease or increase the quantity, and apply the discount if there is any for the payment process.

Login in POS as Customer :

The default pin for logging into the POS as a customer to place an order is 1111. You have to select your user id, and then you are ready to place items in your order list.

Our smart retail management system helps you run your business smoothly during high traffic and provide a delightful experience to your end-users. We have created a highly functional online retail system for seamless sale activities.