Authority Rush

At Authority Rush our portfolio of personally acquired or handpicked domains are powerful,
clean and always indexed to help you rank and make you money as soon as possible.

Product Authority Rush
Skills Domain Inventory / Web Application

Who Is Authority Rush?

Authority Rush is a partnership between Bill Allen and Jose Martinez.

Both are professional SEO veterans with close to 20 years of SEO experience EACH.

We have both used the very same domains we have decided to release to the public for our own projects as well as for personal clients. And after repeatedly getting substantial results, we decided to create Authority Rush so that others could benefit from using Authority domains.

What Can I Do With Authority Rush Domains?

Money Website – One of the best ways to use our domains is to create a niche relevant website that will give you an ROI on your domain. The most common are affiliate websites or sites that are geared to Adsense or other ad platform content that will make you money on your new investment. This is definitely the best way to use an authority domain although there are others.

301’s – If you already have a website, but need a serious boost, our domains are perfect for a 301. Since are domains are always indexed, you don’t even need to wait to use the 301, simply do the 301 the moment you receive the domain and you should see almost an immediate boost.

PBNs – PBNs are still vital for ranking any website. PBNs get a bad rap, but if do them right, they are still the number one backlinking strategy and we personally use PBNs for our private portfolios. Nothing can give you the return on investment for links like your own PBN can.

How Using Authority Domains Save You Time & Money!

Time – If you’re starting a website from scratch, meaning no history or links, it can literally take you years to get your site to start ranking for any worthwhile keywords that can actually make you money.

Our domains GREATLY reduce the time required to start ranking for all types of keywords, including the more competitive ones that actually make you money.

We have personally experienced using our domains for sites and seeing first page results in a matter of weeks. That’s why we’re named Authority RUSH!

Money – If you were to go out and buy the same exact links for a new site as are on the domains you get from us, it would cost you anywhere from 10 to 100 times the cost of using one of our authority domains.

Just trying to get a link that sticks from an authority site like the NY Times can cost anywhere from $800 to as much as $3000 for ONE link!

So buying one of our authority domains can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars, and of course, that’s not even mentioning the amount of time it would take to acquire all of those links.