Shift HRM

Manage your human resources with our software SHIFTHRM that provides you every piece of information in one place. Employees are the most valuable assets in an organization, and our software eases every single process from attendance to payrolls, timesheets to insightful reports.


Our company provides a wide range of features that will help your organization in the proper management of employees from anywhere in the world. It will help you to streamline your business with innovative HR tools to build an efficient system.

  • Systemized role:- An order management system for effectively managing employees is a must for an organization. Our software helps you to carry out the roles and responsibilities according to your needs by restricting anyone from seeing the data.
  • Time-Effectiveness:- For using idle time efficiently, our software involves the “Remember Me” feature that keeps you logged in and by sparing the effort of loading it again.
  • Automated workflow:- This feature allows you to reject or accept any approval that an employee makes without any individual interaction. You have to decide the authoritative rule and process for acceptance or rejection.
  • Actively responsive:- We aim to ensure that you get informed about every urgent information through our notification system. It will keep you alert about employees’ activities, and it is useful for tracking the progress.

SHIFTHRM performs all the mandatory human resource management tasks in a time-effective manner to let you focus on priorities.

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