Control your day, week and month with calendar events and tasks in a single view. It’s the best way to manage your time and achieve your ambitious goals.
SkillsSmart Platform / Mobile Application

Scheduling your time in this fast running world is a crucial aspect of growth. Todoish apps help in achieving goals on time with maximum productivity. You can work without any stress and meet deadlines by downloading our app. It enables you to prioritize your work according to your goals. Keep up with meetings, events, family functions, outings with friends, and much more by creating different boards and switch on the reminder so that you don’t miss it. Prepare yourself before you go for a meeting by going through your notes at the last minute and execute it. You can coordinate with your team by using Todoish and complete tasks in less time.

Todoish Modules:

Todoish offers a variety of features to manage your time effectively and efficiently. Our team has built an intuitive interface to provide you an impeccable experience on our app. You can invigilate your progress and make necessary efforts to perform better every time.

Dashboard:- Our dashboard will display an overview of your schedule. You can see the number of tasks, boards, notes in a single place. It will show your activity status that will help you to keep track of your tasks. You can meet deadlines with our insightful statistics.

Boards:- You can divide your work into different sections to separate them from each other, and there will be no room for confusion. It helps in systemizing your professional and personal work effectively.

  • Heading:- You can title your board as you like and create as many as you want. It enables you to assign one heading and put all the similar tasks under one head for clarification.
  • Color:- You can earmark your boards with different colors like Jade Dust, Fresh Turquoise, Yriel Yellow, and others for better differentiation.
  • Icon:- Our app includes a lot of icons for differentiating your board with a symbol like a calendar, album, analytics, arrow, and much more to identify them handily.
  • Description:- You can describe the nature of the board by describing it briefly for better understanding. It helps you to grab information about your board in a matter of seconds.

Settings:- You can change your credentials under this tab anytime, and we will save and update it accordingly. It will display details that you entered while creating an account that you can alter if necessary.

  • Update pictures:- You can upload your image to personalize it by choosing an image from the collection stored on your smartphone. 
  • Edit profile:- If you want to change any details mentioned earlier, you can do it in a few seconds without any trouble and continue using your account.
  • Change password:- You can modify your passcode whenever you want to secure your profile and save the changes to confirm it accordingly.
  • Support:- Our team is always there to answer your questions and clarify your doubts. You can contact us at any time of the day if you face any issues with our app.
  • Logout:- Use our app and log out after managing the schedule and checking up on the urgent events queued in line for that day without any efforts.

Tasks:- You can schedule your tasks and share them with anyone. Jot down all the significant activities you have to execute and prioritize them by tagging with different colors. 

  • Task name:- Assign headings to all of your tasks and check their completion status. It helps in distinguishing tasks by their title and taking actions according to them.
  • Select board:- You can select a board for homogeneous tasks and combine them under one head. You can plan your workflow and customize boards according to the same.
  • Reminder:- Select the date and switch on the reminder for notification such that you don’t miss the deadlines and move forward without any hindrance.
  • Description:- Precisely state your tasks to attain information whenever you view that again. It helps to get an overview of your scheduled tasks.

Notes:- Never miss out on any essential details by adding notes in our app. You don’t have to memorize anything, as our app will do it for you.

  • Heading:- You can assign any title as per your notes and distinguish it from others. The title will help you to outline and remember it every time.
  • Select board:- You can select the board and assign the same to your notes. It will help you to give detailed information about your work schedule. 
  • Description:- Type down requisite details of any task and perform it well. You can summarize your objectives here and manage them well by keeping an account of the necessary elements.  
  • Images:- You can upload an image related to your notes that you don’t want to forget when you will do it in real-time. Execute your tasks with perfection by using the note section of our app.
How will it help you?

Todoish offers an ample amount of benefits to maximize productivity and boost growth in the organization. 

  • Efficiency:- Todish boosts efficiency by allowing you to plan tasks and list them according to your preferences. You can achieve your goals by monitoring each step taken towards them. Our app shows the percentage of completion that will help in keeping track of your growth. It encourages you to push the envelope and make progress with time.
  • Productive:- You can increase your productivity by effectively managing your schedules in our app. It enables you to customize it as per your needs and arrange them strategically. You can schedule and set realistic goals that don’t affect your lifestyle and take enough breaks between your tasks. It helps in empowering yourself and encourages you every time you complete the work on time.
  • Time management:- Todoish is the best app to manage time and upgrade yourself with every opportunity. You can keep track of twenty-four hours of your day with our app and utilize them in your favor. It helps to examine your workflow and make changes according to that. In the busy world, you can organize your time in the best way to get ahead of the competition.
  • Teamwork:- You can synchronize with your team and excel at your project. Our app allows you to share tasks with your team member as some work demands dependencies for successful completion. You can follow up, coordinate with the staff members, address their ideas, and record them in your notes. It pushes team members to work hard and gives them the space to develop their skills.
  • Organize:- Our team has built a friendly user-interface that allows you to organize your tasks effortlessly. You can navigate through the app without any hassle and structure your time productively. It reminds you so that you don’t miss out on any task and achieve all your milestones.

Our app helps to overcome the time barrier and accomplish every task with grace. Any individual can leverage the advantages of Todoish to move ahead in their journey by doing smart work.