Simple, employee time-monitoring software with automatic screenshots. No matter where you are, you can get work done.
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An accurate time tracking software to monitor employees and increase their productivity level from anywhere. Timenox is an advanced time tracking tool to keep an eye on every activity of your remote workforce. It aims to increase productivity with the help of its AI built Employee monitoring software.

What do we offer?
Admin Modules:

Under this module, the admin has the authority to administer company data, user details, own profile settings, working hours, idle time, and much more to manage the time for a seamless workflow.

  • Dashboard:- Our dashboard represents a comprehensive view of users’ data to the admin for better decision-making. It summarises all the progress reports and shows them in graphical form. Admin can peek into the ongoing tasks, projects, past activities, and much more. Different graphs like the pie chart will show the number of websites accessed by users, bar graphs for numbers of hours spent on projects, user logs, etc.
  • Users:- We give you a lot of sub-options under this particular one like viewing all the log details, allow or refuse the permit to any user, edit any user detail, and furthermore. Admin can add a new user, then he/she will get a unique API key or delete an existing profile. It helps you ascertain relevant information about your users and decreases the probability of missing out on any detail.
  • Projects and tasks:- Timenox eases the process of delegating jobs to employees. Admin can add new projects and divide them according to the skills of a particular employee. You can boost the efficiency of your workforce by examining the time utilized in completing each activity. You can view project details and mark its completion state to keep track of the same and see the idle time.
  • Profile settings:- Timenox is easily adaptable to changes and allows you to edit it at any time. Admin can alter the name, image, contact details with just a few clicks. You can make your account secure by changing or resetting the password from time to time in a matter of seconds. 
  • Company Settings:- Our software is viable according to the needs of the organization. You can modify the details as per your enterprise, like name, email address, phone number, time-zone, location, and a lot more. There is an option of changing the date format and currency type according to your business location. You can modify any detail and confirm it in one click.  
Software modules:

Software modules help monitor the time of internet activities of your employees without letting them know. You can keep an eye on business tasks given to employees and observe their working hours. Timenox compresses every online activity of your workforce into a weekly report. Each user gets the same report as a metric for analyzing their performance.

  • Dashboard:- Dashboard is the first view after login that will show you the data in a concise form to provide you actionable insights for growing your organization. You can see the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes. Other options to simplify the process like insightful and attractive graphs, timer, weekly stats are also present.
  • Timeline:- Timenox gives you the proof of your employee’s timeline in screenshots captured at regular intervals silently. An admin can catch sight of the website’s name, date, time, total time spent, etc. It displays mouse movements, browsing data, and allows you to zoom in the screenshot for better insights. You can filter data to ascertain the information that you require.
  • Logbook:- For efficient examination of working hours, we help you disintegrate total time into the number of hours spent to complete each task. Our software will breakdown the entire time spent into the number of days, and you can search out task-related information effortlessly for a selected date range. You can view the specifics of any project, like project title, permitted time, and much more.
  • Projects:- Timenox gives you a high return on investment to maximize profitability. It enables in scrutinizing working hours, determining the total number of client projects, organizational tasks seamlessly. You can elevate your brand value by delivering client work successfully and at the right time.
  • Settings:- Settings enables you to update information at any point in time. A user can edit his/her profile, change address, phone number, and far more. He/she can alter the timer settings and work without any disruption.
How can timenox keep track of time & monitor employees working remotely?
  • It keeps track of every activity of your employees during business hours.
  • It keeps a record of the time spent on a particular task.
  • It showcases the websites, apps used during work.
  • It focuses on minute details like no. of keystrokes & mouse movements.
  • It provides a detailed view of each task performed during working hours.
  • It keeps it customized according to your need.
  • It is accessible & available at your convenience.
How will timenox help you achieve your goal without wasting any time?

Timenox is an easy to use software build to assist you in achieving your goal in less time.

  1. User-Friendly:- Start the timer with an effortless click to manage your time entry. It has a customized interface that comes in very handy according to your time-zone, currency symbol & date format.
  2. Maintain Reports:- Reports are built based on information provided by monitoring tools & tracking time. It also provides useful insights by analyzing the website & applications used during working hours.
  3. Idle time tracker:- The Timenox screenshots feature allows you to capture screenshots of the computer screen at random 2-minute intervals. It helps to monitor the employees and deter them from wasting their time. 
  4. Application monitoring system:- This system allows you to monitor employees by checking the programs run during working hours. Reports are constructed on the same to review employees’ performance.
  5. Social Login:- It allows users to login with one click on your website using their social networking accounts. It enables you to manage your business anywhere as it is available in cloud-based & in the form of desktop applications.
  6. Screen Monitoring:- This feature provides a purpose to the process by monitoring employees and arranging everything in one place. Timenox automates transparency and showcases all process flows and key data.
  7. Security:- Once you register to Timenox, you will get your personalized subdomain URL so that search engines don’t index you. Hence, it keeps every working detail of your employees in a safe place.

This software will help you accomplish goals efficiently by tracking the time of the team members & monitoring every crucial activity of employees. It examines the time of users, prepares results in a report format to conclude. Hence, Timenox maintains efficiency in the longer term.