Taquilla APM – Event Booking System

Taquilla APM is easy to use, for booking tickets for any type of venue or event. We provide you a hassle-free method to book tickets and exotic places in a matter of seconds with Taquilla APM.
ProductTaquilla APM
SkillsEvent Booking System / Web Application

Do you want a large audience to join you on your momentous day? Our full-fledged event management software will let you achieve that effortlessly. We provide you a hassle-free method to book tickets and exotic places in a matter of seconds with Taquilla APM. Our 3D secure process will safeguard your online transactions. You can leverage the scalability of our platform to grow your business. Our flexible software allows you to reserve dates from any device comfortably. There is no need for carrying physical tickets and worry about misplacement as our online booking software will send you digital tickets in QR format to your email.

Robust Features:
  • Allocated seating:- You can choose your favorite seat on our onscreen layout while buying tickets. Our system will show you a visual image of the seating plan, and you have to decide out of the empty ones that will maximize your enjoyment.
  • Time effective:- Our team has built a user-friendly software that lets you book your tickets without any hard work and in less time. You don’t have to wait in a queue for a long time to watch your favorite singer. 
  • Advance tickets:- You don’t have to search different sites about venues and timings as we offer every information in one place. You can book tickets in advance and never miss out on any opportunity to cherish your life.
  • QR:- We send QR or bar codes to your email address for verifying your event ticket and the ticket number. You don’t have to worry about losing your passes. 
  • 24*7:- Whether you are free at midnight or in the daytime, st schedule your event whenever you find the time. Our software is accessible from any part of the world and available at your convenience.
  • Highly responsive:- Taquilla APM is a high-responsive platform that allows you to operate it from any device. Whether you want to buy from android or iOS, tablet or desktop, we are available everywhere.
  • Email notifications:- Every time you book a ticket, we will notify you with a pdf sent to your email address. You don’t have to write a note to remember about your upcoming weekend plans as we will send you a reminder.
  • Admin supportive:- Our system assists admin in adding single or multiple events, editing them at any point in time, create tickets for different types of events, monitor sales, upload seat layout, keep track of resale, revenue, and furthermore.
  • Comprehensive reports:- You can easily extract data that you want, and we will represent that crucial information in report format to provide you valuable insights.
Admin Modules:
  • Dashboard:- Dashboard will show an overview of the total number of customers, promoters, box office, venues, and events. You can click on any option, and it will take you to the specific tab for showing relevant details.
  • Clients:- You will see detailed information in the list form about your clients. It includes client id, company name, email address, contact details, billing details, and scheduled time. You can click to view the order, modify it according to you, create a new client, or import client information.
  • Box offices:- This tab will show you the particulars about box office like its name, address, phone number, fax, email id. You can edit the details and add a new box office without any effort.
  • Promoters:- Promoter is an essential part, and our team has built the software to keep track of promoters and view their crucial details like name, email address, contact details in one place. You can update the information at any time.
  • Venues:- You can see all the locations in one place and check out their details like email, phone, fax, email, phone, fax, address in a single section. You can add as many venues as you want. 
  • Seat Maps:- Seat map will show you the layout and all the events scheduled based on that. You can manage the seating plan by clicking on the map, view the area into partitions, and change the coordinates. Our software enables you to change the arrangement with a few mouse movements.
  • Events:- Under this tab, you can see the status of your event. It gives you the liberty to change any detail like venue, box office, seat map, name, date and time of the event and online sale, promoter, URL, order options, payment type, and a lot more. You can modify the description, the status of your upcoming event, design the landing page, and manage the price. 
  • Orders:- It will display order details, price, payment method, reservation information, status, client details, event code, date, confirmation status, and much more. You can print your invoice in a few seconds and keep it with you for confirmation.                                                                                                           
  • Images:- You can upload different pictures for the banner and the event. Visuals that you upload in the section will display on the sales website, and you can modify them by updating and saving them with the same extension. 
  • Master Settings:- You can manage the entire set up under master settings. You can see and change the event category, classify customers as partners, sponsors, edit delivery method, get info about payment, view the card details, order charges. There are options to edit price type, upload event videos, see the expiry date of promo codes, alter homepage logos, banner, change URL, and upload banner for email.
  • Reports:- Reports act as a metric to monitor growth and make future decisions based on that. We provide valuable insights on clients, tickets, events, payment, conciliation, cashier, and validator. You can analyze the customers by their purchasing habits under the client section, and the ticket section will provide you data related to sales, purchases, accounting, and shipping information. You can see the summary or a detailed overview of events, get well informed about the refunds, transactions, and cancellations, and learn about the scanned tickets under the validator section.
  • Sales Website:- The sales website will directly take your customer to the homepage of your upcoming event, where he/she can check out the details like venue, timing, date, and much more in a single click. 
  • Sales Interface:- When the customer will click on the buy option, it will turn to the sales interface where your end-user can book tickets, reserve them for later, see the online layout, select the seal, check the price and pay it for confirmation.
  • Listing with the layout:- You can structurize your entire event by listing in our layout section. We provide several options to create events, functions, assign seat maps, manage the price category, and combos for seamless celebration. Our team has made it viable that enables you to update it anytime you want. 

Our software Taquilla APM allows you to communicate your talent to a global audience and be aware of your upcoming performances. We fulfill your end-user needs by providing everything in one place and expand the number of opportunities for you.