CRM – Customer Relationship Management

The ultimate tool for business growth is strengthening the relationship between you and your customer. Our CRM software assists you to ascertain information about customers and streamlines the sales activity to boost revenue.
ProductCustomer Relationship Management
SkillsCRM / Web Application

The ultimate tool for business growth is strengthening the relationship between you and your customer. Our CRM software assists you to ascertain information about customers and streamlines the sales activity to boost revenue. You can manage the prospects in the category and convert those leads effortlessly. It organizes data about leads, potential customers, client accounts, status quo in one place for effective management. You can keep track of your customers and maintain a relationship bond with them. It unwraps numerous possibilities to enhance the quality of customer service and reform the workflow of your organization. Your sales and marketing team can restructure the strategy by examining the past results, as our software will help you obtain actionable insights about your customers. 


Retaining customers for the long term is a goal for every corporation running out there. Our robust system will help you to facilitate the sales and marketing team for better results. The record of past activities assists in making futuristic decisions. By purchasing our CRM software, your business can understand and analyze the purchasing pattern of your customers. It helps to modify your product as per the customer behavior that ultimately increases profitability. CRM proves to be a beneficial strategy for prolonged growth as it focuses on the retention of customers.CRM streamlines the sales and marketing operation of a business that maximizes the efficiency of the team. It helps to optimize the relationship between you and your customer that provides you an upper hand in the competition. 

  • DASHBOARD:- Dashboard provides the overview and shortcuts to create tasks, account, lead, contact, opportunity, call, email, meeting, and case. You don’t have to go to different sections as you can schedule directly on the dashboard. Search and obtain any data in a second by clicking on the search option. You can alter the system settings according to your business and achieve your targets without any disruption. The notification icon on our software will furnish you with the latest updates on our CRM software.
  • HOME:- You can assign tasks for yourself and keep an eye on that under the home option. It will display all the activities in a list with every detail like due date, date of start, the description where you can edit and save the changes as per your need.
  • ACCOUNTS:- Save as many customer accounts as you want and scale your business seamlessly. You can add any specific field like the assigned user, team, type, industry, description, email, contact details, billing address, shipping information, website, and much more to run your business smoothly.
  • CONTACTS:- Fill in the customer details and never misplace any information. Our software will record every crucial data such as name, email, contact details. You can go to the account section and view the tasks, upcoming meetings, status quo of the account, and much more in a single place.
  • LEADS:- Create leads and customize the field according to your requirements. You can add the particulars like details about the campaign, address, phone number, status of conversion, prioritize the list, target list, schedule sale meeting for the client, and much more with a few keystrokes. You can change the admin settings and remodel it as per your preferences for customization. 
  • OPPORTUNITIES:- You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to turn a potential customer into a loyal customer. You can segment the process into stages like prospecting, qualification, proposal, negotiation, and closed-won and assign every lead of yours to each segment to put efforts correspondingly to convert the customer. Mark the probability rate of conversion and prioritize your customers accordingly.
  • CASES:- You can enter the sales cases and manage the interactions with your customer. Prioritize those cases according to your preferences and operate them with utmost effectiveness. You can create a case in a moment by filling in necessary details like name, status, account, priority, type, and add an attachment if you want to.
  • EMAILS:- It simplifies the mailing part by integrating all the mails in one place. You can view any email that you sent, received, or saved as a draft in a single click. Extract any mail by their date, account, email address, status, teams, users, attachments, and furthermore. Compose an email effortlessly on our software in a moment and boost your sales.
  • CALENDAR:- Schedule your time and utilize it effectively with the calendar feature. Organize imperative meetings, tasks, calls by weeks, months, or hours. It helps to plan the activities and achieve goals swiftly without any unnecessary wastage of time. 
  • MEETINGS:- Brainstorm with your team and discuss the strategy to approach clients and convert them successfully. You can list down all your interaction meetings with your team members and keep sight of them. Scheduling meetings become simple with our software by adding particulars like information about attendees, name, status, description, duration without any trouble. 
  • CALLS:- Calls play a significant role in establishing strong relationships with your customers. You can arrange calls, choose the territory, select a date, fill in duration, and much more without any hassle. Switch on the reminder if you want to get a notification before a scheduled call.
  • TASKS:- This feature enables you to systemize tasks effectively and complete them on time. You can keep track of your work and finish it before the deadline. Organize activities for maximum productivity and enhance the efficiency of your organization. You can plan tasks conveniently in a moment.
  • DOCUMENTS:- Store all the documents and never lose any essential information. You can view the document and create a new one in a second just by uploading the file. Our software will keep a record of your documents and save them in the folder.
  • CAMPAIGNS:- Model your marketing campaign without any trouble. Plan the budget, period of the campaign, integrate the target lists, monitor the progress with the statistics, merge emails, and launch your campaign successfully. It helps in elevating the brand value of your organization.
  • KNOWLEDGE BASE:- You can add different fields to the knowledge base and save the information to ascertain it anytime. Fill in the portal, date of creation, expiration date, language, type, status, and publish date to get a detailed view every time. 
  • STREAM:- It records all the past activities and displays them in the stream section. Any action that you take will show up under this section. You can update the activities, and our software will save the changes. Delete any post if it is not necessary and retain all the latest updates.
  • USERS:- Create a user account in a minute and keep track of them without any trouble. You can view the email address, active status, type of account, position in the team, contact details, and much more. You never have to worry about losing information about any user account with our software.

Our CRM software enables you to get ahead of the competition and expand your market into new territories. Established corporations to small scale businesses leverage the benefits of CRM to enhance the experience for the end-users. The return on investment is much higher on our CRM software as it helps to build a loyal customer base in the competitive market.