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Our app is a hassle-free way to book and reserve tickets at your convenience. Now see the status of booking from your comfort zone and plan your weekend without any hard work.
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Our app is a hassle-free way to book and reserve tickets at your convenience. You can use it on your mobile phone from anywhere, whether you are relaxing at home, working in an office, or traveling somewhere. Now see the status of booking from your comfort zone and plan your weekend without any hard work. Our app offers easy to use features that help to book tickets in a matter of seconds as you don’t have to log in to the website and can use the app of Taquilla APM in any place.

Features our app:

There are several beneficial features that you will get by downloading our app on your smartphone. Our team has created an intuitive interface, high loading speed app for seamless event booking.

  • Signup:- If you are a new user, you can register by filling in the necessary details like the first name, surname, email address, password, contact number, country, street, city, state, and postal code. There is no need to sign up, given that you already registered with our website Taquilla APM.
  • Login:- If you are already a registered user, then login is a simple task for you to view the detail of your order and update the information at any time.
  • My tickets:- This section will display details of your order like the time and date of the event, the price paid, seat number, and event name.
  • My account:- In my account section, you will see the credentials you entered during the registration either on the website or our app. You can alter the details at any time, and we will update it accordingly in our software. 
  • Buy tickets:- By clicking on buy tickets, you can book tickets by category, date, location, and venue. You can see the details of upcoming events and reserve them in advance and choose the payment options.
 Benefits of using our app:

Our app caters to several benefits that ease the process of booking an event from whichever place. Whether you have to attend your favorite singer’s concert, get notification about forthcoming events, or schedule one at midnight, we provide everything in one place for effective use of time.

  • Time-effective:- Waiting in a queue to get tickets for the latest movie in the theatre is a tedious and time-consuming task that our app simplifies for you. You can plan and book any event in a matter of seconds. Our team has built this app that will save not only the efforts you put but also your time.
  • Easy navigation:- Our team has built a highly functional app that you can navigate without any disruption. The user-friendly interface will enable you to swipe freely and use any feature without any problem.
  • High-loading speed:- We make sure that you don’t have to wait for a second while scheduling your enjoyment day. Our app loads quickly as soon as you open it. You can check out the price, see the location, and pay to book your tickets in no time.
  • Convenient:- You don’t need a desktop every time to make plans for your holidays. Our easy-to-use app form of Taquilla APM is accessible from anywhere and available at all times. You can use it conveniently and comfortably from your place no matter where you are. The user-oriented quality of our app makes it the ideal choice for customers today.
  • Easy cancellation:- There are times when you can not attend the event due to some urgent reasons, and we understand that. You can effortlessly cancel your tickets at any time and get your refund without any complications. 

With Boletosenlinea-My Account, you don’t have to worry about anything as we have taken care of everything. Laze the day and enjoy your time to the fullest with family and friends by using our app.