Affordable Blinds

Decorate your home by selecting the perfect blind for every room of yours. You can customize the blinds and shades according to your choices.
ProductAffordable Blinds
SkillsCustomizable Blinds & Shades / Web App

Decorate your home by selecting the perfect blind for every room of yours. You can customize the blinds and shades according to your choices. We make sure that you get the best quality at a reasonable price. We offer several options to personalize it as per your rooms. You can choose the color, adjust the size, suit it according to night or day time. We provide an innumerable number of choices so that you pick what’s best for you. 


Buying new blinds for your brand new house or renovating your old home at your convenience. Our team has built an easy to use interface that you can navigate without any hard efforts. We have been serving customers and making them happy for a long time. Several reasons make Affordable Blinds the ideal choice for our customers:-

  • There are countless options to reform your room with our unique colors, various measurements, diverse categories, and much more. You will find samples on our platform that you can buy without spending any penny. 
  • We describe every product with a detailed description so that you make a well-informed decision. You will get information about the fabric, installation steps, dimensions, multiple attributes, and furthermore.
  • You have to place the order, and we will deliver it to your doorstep without any delay. Our products will be identical to what you saw online and purchased them from our digital marketplace.
  • The price that displays on our interface includes everything as there is no hidden price. You don’t have to worry if you ever ordered any wrong measurements as we follow a worry-free fit or free policy. The replacement fee only includes the difference in prices between your latest and previous order.
  • We offer innumerable attributes of shades and blinds. We deliver to satisfy your diverse needs. You will find a wide range of options to tailor it according to your preferences. There are various swatches and samples on our platform. Pick the best one for you at an affordable price.
  • Affordable Blinds has been a preferred choice for customers from all around the world. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to provide an impeccable experience to our customers. The retention rate of our customers is high as they get a high return on their investment. 
  • If you find any damage or flaw in the delivered item, we take the responsibility of repairing it without any further delay. You will get an instore lifetime credit if there is no room for rectification.
  • There are alternative payment options that you can use on Affordable Blinds. You can see all your orders in one place and change them anytime. We provide the ease to change your account settings in a moment. 
  • You can contact us for any query or any doubt on our email or toll-free customer care number, and we will be available at your service at all times. You can go to the FAQ section and find the answer to your every question.
  • Change your account settings in the My account option with ease. You can select the orders and add in your wishlist for future purchase. If you are a new user, then register on our platform in a second and start checking out stylish blinds and shades. You can checkout without any hassle after you bought the perfect blinds for your place. 
  • You can type what you need on the search bar, and we will display the product as per your requirements. We always work to ease the experience so that you don’t face any trouble and shop comfortably.
  • Check out what others are buying on our best selling option. You can filtrate the information by position, name, and prices. Explore different features and match your blinds according to lights, shades, area, automation, and others. 
  • We always focus on informing our customers about our latest products, new designs, future events, discounts, and much more good news. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get access to these details and get a first-mover advantage.
  • View all your orders in your shopping cart. You can change the products and modify the details with no issue. Our online shopping platform functions speedily, and you don’t have to waste any time. Seamless navigation makes it easier for our customers to scroll through different items and pick an ideal shade.

Affordable Blinds includes modules that streamline your business operations and provides the ease to manage your customers effectively. Our team has developed highly functional software to boost the sales volume of your organization. You can analyze customer activities and scale your business seamlessly.

  • DASHBOARD:- The dashboard will provide you useful insights about your sales activities. You can view the statistics and examine the customer purchasing pattern with the help of the dashboard. It will display the total number of customers and their orders. We record the history of every transaction on the dashboard that you can leverage for planning business strategy. Sales analytics is a beneficial component that comprehends your past sales activities in brief and offers significant learnings.
  • CATALOG:- You can manage all the products that your customers view under this section. Fill in crucial details like description, product features, measurements, categories, prices, discounts, custom options, coupons, templates, or any other specific field in a matter of seconds. You can also tick mark whether the product is available in the stock or not. Add different swatches and provide more options for customization to your customers. There is always space to add, edit, or delete any particular attribute as per your business and customer requirements.
  • CUSTOMERS:- Keep track of your customers and manage them in a single place. You can see the particulars about your customers like name, contact details, email address, etc. There are options available to modify the details and save them accordingly. Creating a customer group for your retailers, wholesalers, suppliers is an easy task on our software. You can detect recurring customers and boost the interactivity with them. Modify or delete any account with a few clicks and upgrade the information.
  • STAFF:- Choose your team wisely and add them to our software without any hassle. You can add a team member to supervise the operations of the backend in a second. The job is to enter the details about your staff like name, phone number, email id, address, password, and the staff account is ready to use. It will assist you in enhancing the experience of customers and run your business operations without any hindrance.
  • SETTINGS:- You can alter the settings as per your company policies. Under this section, you can select the payment methods that your customers can choose to place the order successfully. Personalize the software as per your corporation requirements and industry standards. Add the email address, company name, contact details, website, address in a couple of minutes with ease. 
  • SECURITY:- Data leak is a harmful threat for any organization that marks the question of credibility of an enterprise. Our team has made sure that you never have to go through that situation that risks the bond of trust between you and your customers. The ultimate control of the product will be in your hands, and you can eliminate any suspicious user or customer account in a single keystroke. It will enhance security and safeguard your business from destructive external elements.
  • URL REDIRECTION:-Our developers have built a well-defined structure that lets you operate it without any complication. You can enter a new URL and link it to an old URL to direct the customer from one place to another. It is a straightforward method in which you enter the new URL address and save the alteration. The high performing speed of our software will open the updated URL in no time.
  • ORDERS:- Monitor all the orders of your customers on our software. You can click on a particular order to get a detailed view. It will display all the relevant information about that specific order. You will see a list as soon as you click on the order that includes product details, payment method, date of placing the order in a list form. Keep tabs on all the orders by using our software.
  • SYSTEM:-You can design the entire layout under the system option to remodel the structure. Choose what product you have to showcase under which banner to your customers. You can add multiple products based on your customer base and business strategies. Administer the coupons that you offer to customers and validate them under this tab. Inform your customer about your business policies, terms and conditions, privacy policies, return procedures, and much more. You can communicate the USP of your enterprise in the about us section and engage with your customers by providing contact details.

Restyle your windows with our beautiful and attractive blinds and shades at fair prices while placing an order. We have got great reviews from our past customers that you can view to make your final decision. We don’t compromise on the quality of services, and our team will always be there to help you 24*7.